DERMATOLOGIC SKIN CARE                                             FOR ALL SKIN TYPES

Acute Derm E2 Serum
49.99 USD

E2 Serum is an oily healing liquid for eczema skin. It is mixed with emu oil to penetrate down to the root of the problem and works over night while you are resting. It will heal dry cracked and itchy skin.

Acute Derm 30 Plus Sunblock
47.00 USD

Acute Derm Sunblock 30 Plus SPF. Use daily to protect skin from the rays of the sun and to prevent sun damage to your skin.

Vitiman C Serum
49.00 USD

Acute Derm Pro C Serum is designed to renew your skin cells. Use daily after cleansing then apply sunblock to protect your skin.

Akta High-Content Organic Aloe Face Wash
39.00 USD

A high-content face wash designed for mature skin. It is for normal to dry or even combination skin can also use this face wash. It contains Aloe, seaweed, and other herbal extracts.

Akta High-Content Aloe OrganicToner
39.00 USD

A High-Content Organic Balancing Toner with Aloe Minerals and Azulene to give your skin the freshness it deserves. It will balance your skin perfectly. Also, it deep cleanses and tightens your pores. Designed for mature skin.

Gunilla Of Sweden AKTA Moisturier 2oz
42.00 USD

Gunilla Of Sweden's AKTA Organic Moisturizer with ceramides is great for dry and mature skin. AKTA can be used as a night cream as well as a daytime moisturizer.

Gunilla Of Sweden Lerosett Clay Mask
42.00 USD

Lerosett is left on to dry for 5-15 minutes. You can leave it on spots as recommended the Clay consists of tiny micronized clay particles, minerals, and nutrients allowing it to travel deep into follicles absorbing oil, dead skin cells, and toxins

Gunilla Of Sweden Pore Minimizer
45.00 USD

Pore Minimizer active serum is comprised of smaller molecules enabling the active ingredients to penetrate the lipid barrier of the skin better and more effectively than moisturizers or non-serums. It gives rapid results.

Gunilla Of Sweden Cell Rejuvenator
42.00 USD

Gunilla Of Sweden's Organic Cell Rejuvenator is to give you a new look to your skin and diminish lines and wrinkles on the face and around the eye area.

Tend Skin Solution
25.00 USD

Tend Skin is used for men and women with ingrown hairs, razor bumps, and bikini line bumps. Tend Skin is a healing solution to heal and dry up the bumps.

Tend Skin Air Shave Gel 4oz
25.00 USD

Air Shave Gel is a medicated gel to give a smooth shave and to prevent ingrown hairs.


Topic Clear Antiseptic Soap
7.99 USD

Topic Clear is an antiseptic soap to keep the skin from breaking out. Topic Clear soap can be used daily to cleanse the skin, unless directed otherwise by your licensed Esthetician or Dermatologist.

Topic Clear Lightening Gel
12.99 USD

Topic Clear Lightening Gel will even out skin discoloration and is effective on sensitive skin. Sleep in Topic Clear Gel at night after washing your face with Topic Clear Soap.

Clair & White Lightening Exfoliating Soap
14.99 USD

Clair & White Soap is a lightening soap that exfoliate the dead cells from your skin at the same time. It evens out skin discolorations from spots, shadows and sun damage.

Clair & White Gel
15.99 USD

Clair & White Lightening Gel is used at night while you sleep to get top results of evening out your skin tone from sun-damage skin, dark spots or skin discoloration. Use after you wash your face with the Clair & White Soap.

Clair & White Body Lotion
32.00 USD

Clair & White Lotion is designed to even out your body tone from the uneven skin. It gives the skin back its original skin tone. Sleep in the lotion at night for best results.

Clair & White Lightening Serum
29.00 USD

This serum will aid the Clair & White soap and gel. It is a booster to lightening the skin and to give your skin a smoother radiant brighter look.

Dermovate Cream
29.00 USD

Dermovate Cream is to refine the skin of its texture and to prevent breakouts from germs and bacteria and to prevent inflammation.

Derma Clair Lightening Soap
7.99 USD

Derma Clair Lightening Soap is excellent for dark spots, dark shadows from sun damage skin and acne skin. Use at night to avoid the sun.

Sulfur Acne Soap
14.99 USD

Sulfur Soap is medicated to heal acne breakouts. You can use it on clean skin or as directed by your Esthetician or Dermatologist depending on your skin care regime.



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